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The code of ji'e'toh is a complex system of many layers and levels in which the Aiel can gain, maintain or lose honor.
To the Aiel, honor is the most valuable thing in their lives. More valuable than life itself even.

By this code there are many paths to honor. Each with it's own measure and price, and each fact of life has it's own paths. In battle, for instance, the smallest honor is that gained by killing, for anyone can kill, while the greatest is to touch an armed living enemy without causing harm. To take an enemy and make him gai'shain falls somewhere between the two extremes. All must seek their own honor through the code.

Shame also has many levels within the code, and is considered on many of those levels to be worse than pain, injury or even death. The facet of the code that outweighs all others in all it's various degrees is toh, or obligation. Any obligation, no matter how small or insignificant, must be met in full. Toh is so important to the Aiel that they will accept even shame, if necessary, to fulfill an obligation that might appear minor to one not tied to the code.

This code is also directly responsible for the system of gai'shain. In which captured Aiel serve a year and a day in humble obedience without using violence in any way. Check out the Gai'shain section to learn more of this.

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