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Physical Appearance

Aiel are generally very tall, taller than most wetlanders. They are fair-haired with light colored eyes and sun-colored skin, though not as chocolate brown as the Sea Folk.
Red hair is very common among Aiel.

All Aiel men and the women who are Maidens of the Spear, wear their hair cut short except for a tail on the nape of the neck.

Women who are not Maidens wear their hair shoulder length or longer, but rarely braid it or gather it up. They frequently pull it away from their face with a scarf.
Sometimes the Wise Ones will make their apprentices braid their hair in two braids to either side of their head and give them a doll to carry. This is meant as an indication that the apprentice has behaved as a child and therefore should dress like one. When the Wise Ones decide that the apprentice has learned her lesson, she will be given permission to undo her hair and let go of the doll.

Clothing and Jewelry

The code of dress among the Aiel has changed very little over time. The cadin'sor, worn by all men and by all Maidens of the Spear, is an adaptation of their ancestor's cloths. The word cadin'sor roughly translates as "working clothes" in the Old Tongue. The classic coat and breeches are colored in browns or grays that fade into rock, sand or shadow. The Aiel have soft, laced knee-high boots practical for desert wear, as well as a shoufa, a scarflike garment, usually the color of sand or rock, that is wrapped around the head and neck, leaving only the face bare. When preparing to kill, they pull the shoufa over the nose and mouth as well, veiling the face according to tradition.

The only difference between the garb of a male warrior and that of other Aiel men is that the warrior carries a larger knife. The cut of the cadin'sor is different for each clan and has slight variations according to sept, though the difference, clear to any Aiel, are subtle and difficult to see for an outsider.

Women who are not Maidens wear long skirts, blouses and adorn themselves with many bracelets and necklaces, often carved ivory or precious metals. High-ranking women are likely to display an abundance of valuable jewelry.

Maidens of the Spear often possess jewelry, but rarely wear more than an occasional piece at  special event.

The men wear no jewelry at all, though the mark of a chief, placed in his skin at Rhuidean, often has the metallic look of a strange bracelet.


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