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 As an Aiel, your character can take on a number of roles:

check out the Progression System to learn how to obtain any of the positions here mentioned.


Warriors all belong to one of 13 Warrior Societies with each society specializing in one (or several) special skills and tasks within the Aiel community. Depending on the Society one belongs to, the path an Aiel warrior will follow and their duties may vary greatly. Check out the Societies in order to get a clear view of the various options for your warrior Aiel.

Each Society is led by a Society Leader who is aided by a Second in Command.

Wise Ones

Every Wise One starts her service as an apprentice. She will be assigned to an experienced Wise One, but is expected to obey all Wise Ones at all times even if her mentor might dress down another Wise One if one were to step over the line too far. Wise Ones play a vital role within the Aiel community, which you can read about here.

The Wise Ones are lead by the Head Wise One.

Clan and Sept Chiefs

These are the men that are the leaders of their respective Clans or Septs. Each of them is chosen by virtue of having received the permission to go to Rhuidean and having returned from their testing marked as a Chief. Chiefs are marked with a metallic looking serpent-like creature curving around their fore-arm and the top of their hand. The creature is known as a dragon. The Car'a'carn is said that he will be marked like that on both his arms, thus indicating him to be the Chief of Chiefs.
To learn more about Chiefs, read the Organization, Culture and Prophecy sections of this site.

note: in the PSW the Clan Chiefs are also the Sept Chiefs since each clan only has one Sept in the PSW.


Women that own a house are called roofmistresses. Depending on the status of their husbands, they will be roofmistress over a house or a hold. To learn more about the purpose of a roofmistress, click here. Wise Ones are not roofmistresses, as the duties of both positions would be too overwhelming for one person to uphold.

The roofmistresses are led by the Clan Roofmistress, who is the wife of the Clan Chief.

Blacksmiths, Miners, Jewelry makers and Weavers

These are the craftsmen and women of the Aiel and are held in very high esteem and value. Read up about them here to learn what their importance is within the Aiel community.

The crafters are in service of their Clan and will take their orders from the Clan Chiefs and the Wise Ones.


'Sworn to peace in battle', these Aiel are working hard on re-earning their honor through service and obedience. Read more about them here to learn how to properly play your character should he/she ever find him/herself in this position.

Gai'shain are under the command of whomever they serve. This can be anyone from a child to a Clan Chief.

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