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In the Portal Stone World you will come across a number of abbreviations commonly used by the other RPers and the staff of the various RP Groups.
Each Group may have it's own specific abbreviations related to their Group, which you can learn about from those Groups and their Staff.

Here is a list of the most used ones:

AGL - Assistant Group Leader (formerly known as ADL - Assistant Division Leader)
AS - Aes Sedai
Bio - Biography (history/background of any character)
BotRH - Band of the Red Hand
BT - Black Tower
CotL - Children of the Light
CotS - Congress of the Shadow
DIV - Division (Role Play) ~~ now known as RP Groups. These are the counterparts of the Social Groups over on the RP side of Dragonmount
GL - Group Leader (formerly known as DL - Division Leader)
DM - Dragonmount
DRPSW - Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World (= full name of the Portal Stone World, usually referred to as simply PSW)
DS - Dream Score
ES - Experience Score
FL - Freelanders (Group that houses 7 Guilds: Aiel, Atha'an Miere, Freebooters, Kin, Ogier, Seanchan, Tuatha'an)
IC - In Character
NPC - Non Player Character (someone you write into your posts such as a wolf companion. They only last for one RP)
NSW - Non Specific Writer (Character written that anyone can play and is owned by the Group it belongs to. The Group Staff decides who gets to play these)
OOC - Out of Character
OP - One Power
ORG - Organisation ~~ now known as Social Groups. These are the counterparts of the RP Groups over on the community side of Dragonmount
PotD - People of the Dragon
RJ - Robert Jordan
RP - Role Play
TV - Tar Valon
WK - Wolfkin
WOT - Wheel of Time
WS - Weapon Score
WT - White Tower
WY - Warders' Yard

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