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 The Portal Stone World Forums is split up in different boards.

For those of you unfamiliar with forums, here are a few basics:

    a forum is an interactive website designed for people to communicate and interact with each other. Unlike a website, on a forum everyone can post their comments, ideas, pictures, etc. What can be or can't be posted on a forum is decided by the forum administrators or admins. They are also commonly referred to as 'site admins'.

    Forums are divided into parts:

    Forum      Category      Board      Thread      Post

    On this site, here are the definitions used for each of those parts, so you know what aspect of the forum is referred to:

    Forum: refers to the entirety of the Dragonmount forum. This is the main forum page where you can see all the main categories and boards.
                 DM Forum

    Category: refers to one of the main sections of a forum and usually groups boards of the same nature in one category.
                     You can recognize these as titles above the various boards, usually in a different colored banner.
                     examples of DM categories: 'Getting Started', 'Social Community', 'Dragon Reborn RP Community'.
                     In the PSW there are two 2 categories:
                                   - Dragon Reborn RP Community: which holds all the Out of Character boards of the PSW
                                   - Dragon Reborn Role Playing: which holds all the In Character boards or the actual Roleplaying.

    Boards: each category has a number of boards. a board is also commonly referred to as a forum, but then with a specific designation. Like, for instance, the White Tower               forum or the Black Tower OOC Forum. For the purpose of this site, we'll stick to the word board to avoid confusion. A board is a place where activity and               information is grouped around a specific topic. At Dragonmount there are three kinds of boards: Social Groups (found in the Social Community category), the RP               Groups (found in the Dragon Reborn RP Community category) and the Other boards, find everywhere else.
                  We'll focus only on the RP Group boards for this site, as that is where the PSW comes in.

        which boards you can see depends on your level of access. Depending on which Groups you join, what rank or level you have within a Group or what     your position is at Dragonmount as a whole, the boards you can see and access can vary. Boards accessible to all are called public boards, while those     requiring you to be added to their access level are called private boards.

    • Dragon Reborn RP Community boards (OOC boards)
      This is where you find all the activity that goes on between the players of the Role Play community 'Out of Character' (OOC). In other words, this is where you post as yourself, not your character. Planning of Roleplays, finding roleplay partners, social interaction between players, rules for roleplaying, biography boards, important information for role players, announcements, vacancies, etc.
      You will notice that there are several boards that represent specific groups within the Wheel of Time world. These are called RP Groups (what used to be Divisions). Each of these Groups have a staff that runs their specific Group in accordance with the overall admin rules that are set for the entire PSW environment. Within each Group, the Group Leader has the final say on all matters, but they all work with a staff team to see to the smooth working of their Group.
      The different Groups (boards) of the OOC RP community are:
      • The Welcome Inn: this is where all RPers start out and find all the information they need to get started in the PSW.
      • Turnings of the Wheel RP: Revolution One: this is a free style RPing board where people can RP without restrictions or rules.
      • The Different RP Group boards: this is where the players holding characters belonging to those groups plan, interact, socialize together.
        There are 8:
        • Band of the Red Hand (DR RP Group)
        • Black Tower (DR RP Group)
        • Children of the Light (DR RP Group)
        • Congress of the Shadow (DR RP Group)
        • Freelanders (DR RP Group)
        • Warders (DR RP Group)
        • White Tower (DR RP Group)
        • Wolfkin (DR RP Group)
    • Dragon Reborn Role Playing boards (IC boards)
      This is where the actual RPing takes place. In other words, this is where you post as your character, not yourself. The boards are organized by location in the PSW In Character world. Which is in turn based on the Wheel of Time world map. On these boards you will not find any social interaction or planning, for that is to be done on the OOC boards only. These boards and their threads are supposed to hold only the RP's themselves.
      The different In Character boards are:
      • Tel'aran'rhiod (the Dreamworld): all RP's from dreamwalkers are posted here
      • North: this board holds RP's done in Arafel, Kandor, Saldea and Shienar
      • East: this boards hold RP's done in Cairhien, Mayene, Tear, Tar Valon (city, outside the White Tower), White Tower and the Warder Yard
      • South: this board hold RP's done in Altara, Andor, Far Madding, Ghealdan and Illian
      • West: this board hold RP's done in Amadicia, Arad Doman, Falme, Katar and Tarabon. It also holds the home location of the Children of the Light (The Fortress of Light), the Band of the Red Hand (the Citadel) and the Wolfkin (the Wolfkin Stedding)
      • High Seas: this board hold RP's done by those travelling the seas. The Sea Folk are predominant here. The Seanchan home world is also located here.
      • The Threefold Land: this board hold RP's done in the Aiel homelands

    Threads & Posts: Every board has an unlimited amount of threads and each thread can have an unlimited amount of posts. Usually threads are made around a specific                               topic or activity which other people can then post to inside the thread. Each thread has a title which can be seen on the main page of the board it                               belongs to. Explore the boards and click on the titles of the threads to see what they are about. In most cases the nature and purpose of a thread is                               explained or made clear in the first post of that thread. Sometimes, however, a thread is merely a general socializing gathering place.
                                   stickies are threads that are locked in place at the very top of a board. These are always important threads for everyone and you should always                                   read the stickies of a board before you do anything else there. The admins and Group Staff will assume you have read them and will expect you to                                   follow the instructions and adhere to the information in them.

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