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What is Weapon Score?

In the roleplay, there is a good deal of combat to be had. Everything from drunken brawls to full scale battles can occur, and all the characters all possess varying degrees of skill. While a small group of players who all know each other could figure out where their characters stand in relation to each other, with the sheer amount of players and characters in the roleplay we have we need a system to differentiate between one another. So, we have a basic system for this.

Upon approving your character's biography, the Freelander Bio Checkers will give your character a starting WS. All Guilds uphold a maximum starting level for weapon scores, which can vary depending on the nature of the Guild. Aiel will have a higher starting WS maximum than any of the other Guilds while the Kin will have a lower one. Your character can increase it's WS by getting into situations that will realistically increase their skills.

The various levels in the weapon score system are called 'Tiers'. There are four tiers, each with various steps. In this section you find an explanation on what each Tier represents and how to increase your character's weapon score.

    each Guild has it's own rules concerning the use of weapon scores. Make sure to check those in order to get your character promoted to the next ws     level.

A very important rule that is upheld for all Freelander Guilds is the 'Gray Rule'. This rule has a direct impact on your character's existence. To the point where your character       can be killed off. We therefore recommend highly that you read this rule carefully and keep it in mind during your roleplay activities.

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