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Every Group has been given a specific number of Talents which can be distributed between it's members. How this is distributed and what conditions must be met to gain or keep a Talent is up to the individual Group Leaders. They have the authority to give (or take away) these Talents precisely because they only have a limited amount to deal out.

      It is not permitted to include any Talents in your bios without your Group Leader's permission

      There are only a very limited number of Talents per Group (or Guild for the Freelanders).

      Below are only the Freelanders' Talents List! Check with your Group Leader for Talents available for your non-FL Characters.

Do not get discouraged if you don't gain the Talent. Remember, the vast majority in Randland have to make do without any special skills and are therefore forced to be much more creative in other ways. A Talent does not guarantee the upper hand in most cases.

We have tried to distribute the Talents over the different Guilds so that each of them has something special to work with. Even though some Talents are marked as 'anyone can have them' they are still limited to the Guilds that are listed in the 'Available to' column.




Available to:

Know Ter'angreal

The ability to recognize the purpose of ter’angreal. Must be a channeler.

Aiel - Kin - Seanchan

Listening to the Wind

Ability to sense the weather, possibly linked to Weaving the Winds.

Aiel - Atha'an Miere - Kin - Seanchan

Read Auras

The ability to see auras around people telling their future in a similar way to Foretelling. Anyone can have this.


Residue Resurrection

The ability to see the residues left by weaves and reconstruct them. A person with this Talent can only reproduce weaves that are at or below his/her Skill Level but can recognize any weave that he or she has seen before.

Aiel - Seanchan

See Ta'veren

The ability to see ta’veren. - Anyone can have this, not just channelers.

Aiel - Atha'an Miere - Freebooters - Kin - Ogier - Seanchan - Tuatha'an


Talent that allows you to shield and hold much stronger channelers shielded. Requires great strength in Spirit.

Aiel - Atha'an Miere - Kin - Seanchan


The ability to “smell” violence and wrong doing, and track it. Anyone can have this


Uncommon Luck

The ability to duplicate the chance twisting effects of a ta’veren. Again, it doesn’t require channelling to have it. Often you must be ta’veren to have this Talent

Freebooters - Tuatha'an

Tree Singing

Ability that some Ogiers have to create objects out of living wood.


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