Ode to the Ajahs
Mystica, 2006




To course and cause I will stay true,
With strength in heart and soul so blue.
No friend or foe will bar my way,
Within the light is where I’ll stay.
Involved, commitment set in stone,
To stand, if need be, all alone.





Through mountains of books
And Sa’Angreal on hooks,
We find our way,
By night or day.
Curiosity feeds our drive,
For knowledge do we strive.
Be it up or be it down,
We will find it, we are Brown!




Unknown to most, but here to stay,
To mediate, that is our way.
We find the truth in each debate,
And solve with words, not with hate.
Ruler wise, who does not stray,
Come to us, we are the Gray.




For fun and pleasure we like to please,
And hunt for men who we will tease.
But underneath the frivolous skin,
A fiesty fire burns within.
No threat of darkness goes unseen,
For we stand ready, we are Green!



When all the world has gone to bed,
We roam the streets, all garbed in red.
Unheeding doubt, remorse or fear,
We will be there, we will be near.
Be it friendship, love or war,
Our hunger drives us all for more.




When heat and ice demand the day,
Cool and collected will I stay.
To aid with logic and with thought,
Until salvation has been brought.
My path is smooth within the light,
I am a sister of the White.




To heal the sick right back to health,
That is the one and only wealth.
Our aid is proper, clear and true,
To light, the tower and to you.
No time for games or being mellow,
We bring the cure, we are the Yellow