Cold Hope
Mystica, 2004

Awakening too early,
Pulled from the sweet embrace of oblivion.
Too soon for this day, I leave the nightly warmth
And prepare my inner self for the cold of the day.
In the twilight of a world, rocking between two realities,
A silent promise is revealed.
Standing in the darkness of my concrete cage,
fake lights forgotten and unwanted,
My eyes witness a white scene of delight.
Following one of millions, on itís way down
to add to a never-ending blanket,
Covering all in a gentle caress.
Small, soft and still, their goal is clear.
Determined and unstoppable they beat the odds.
A smile appears as thousands come to great me,
Politely avoiding to damage my view,
Bowing, twirling, jumping they continue their path.
Witnessing this silent wonder,
my heart fills with light, my soul rejoices, my mind
Struggling to grasp the possibility of this paradox.
For what usually brings cold, despair and an urge to hide,
Now fills my being with hope.