To my darling Janet Sis,

Below are some of the main sights in the city ranged per column by their proximity to one another.
For instance: the Castle of the Counts is just across the road of the Old Fish Market. The Belfry and the Cathedral and the St Nicolas Church are all very close together. And so on.

There are other things to see in the city too of course, but I didn't list all of them as most of them we'll be passing one way or another just by going to the ones we choose to visit anyway.

MP = Museum Pass (20 ). The items in the list below that have an MP are included in the MP. I listed their individual price, so we can decide whether or not it's worth getting a pass.
Also included in the pass is a 3 day free use of all public transportation in the city (buses and trams). The MP is only valid for 3 days anyway.

There are more items included in the MP than are listed here. For a full overview of everything included in the pass, go here: Museum Pass Overview

Most of the things listed below are very closely together, so don't be alarmed by the number of it. We also don't have to do everything. I just wanted to give you an idea of what's possible (and this is just a selection). We can easily do several things in one day without it becoming overwhelming. Not to mention, filling in the gaps with a drink and a snack here and there. This IS Belgium, after all *wink*

I also made a SUGGESTION schedule: here. This is not set in stone, it's just to show you what's possible. :)


Castle of the Counts

Mon-Sun: 9-17h

Price: 8 (movie guide included)
 free for Gentnrs (no movie guide)





St Bavo's Cathedral

Mon-Sat: 8h30-17h

Price: free

Mystic Lamb

Mon-Sat: 10h30-16h
Sund-Holiday: 13h-16h

Price: 4



Friday Market Place

square with numerous interesting and quaint sights

Big Canon: nicknamed evil woman.

Market happening every Friday (as the name suggests)




St Peter's Abbey Arts Center

Tue-Sun: 10-18h

Price: 5




Blue Bird: 9
not included in MP

Museum of Fine Arts

Tue-Sun: 10-18h

Price: 5






Tue-Sun: 10-18h

Price: 6






Old Fish Market
(the infamous fish mine)

need info, is restaurant now. Don't know if we can visit




daily: 10-18h

price: 5






one of the many old and well known street from Ghent. Free of charge, of course. The name literally translated means Monk's Lair


Our Lady of St Peter's Church

Tue-Sat: 10-17h


price: free

Contemporary Art

Tue-Sun: 10-18h

Price: 6



Bijloke Ghent Music Center

right next to STAM




Court of Princes

Birth place of Emperor Charles V

price: free



St Nicholas' Church

Mon: 14-17h
Tue-Sun: 10-17h

Price: free





Book Tower of the Ghent University

Will inform on visit with my colleagues. :)





Free entrance


nice for a walk, pic-nic (if weather is nice), etc.



Castle of Gerald the Devil

state archives, visiting only allowed in the public areas

Price: free




Botanical Garden from the Ghent University

Mon-Fri: 9-16h30
Sat-Sun-Hol: 9-12h

price: free