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The Seanchan Guild is quite extensive, with a lot of (sometimes) complicated information.
We highly recommend that you take the time to read the entire Seanchan site before starting on your Seanchan character biography.

Possible spoilers
This site was created with all currently published books in mind (up to book 12 at this time). As such, it is possible that there will be some spoilers found on the site.


Informed Role Players
In the Seanchan Guild we operate under the assumption that our RPers are well informed on the Seanchan Empire both from the books as well as from the information on this site. We strive to keep the website information complete and up to date.
When in doubt, however, do not hesitate to contact any of the Freelanders' Main Staff or the Seanchan Guild Staff.


The General Information versus the Role Play Information.
Both sections hold information that is crucial to your roleplaying experience, which is why we emphasize the importance to read it all.

General Info:

this section provides you with the cultural, historical and military information within the Seanchan World. You will need this knowledge to dress up your RP's and make your character look like a true Seanchan.

Role Play Info:

this section provides more practical information and answers the question 'How?' for a variety of things, from how to send in your biography for approval to how to progress your weapon score or how to gain a certain position for your character and/or yourself.


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