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While women who can channel are considered nothing more than extremely dangerous animals, the usefulness of the One Power has not lost it's value within the Seanchan empire. Useful, so long as it is kept under tight control. For anyone knows that, left to their own devices, channelers would pose a threat to everything that is good and proper. And so, they must be leashed, trained and kept under control at all times.

Young women are tested each year for the ability to channel or the ability to wear the a'dam bracelet until they pass the age of manifestation.

Men that are found with the ability to channel are executed and expunged from all records.

The a'dam

The tool that is used to control the One Power, and which is unique to the Seanchan, is called the a'dam.
This ter'angreal can only be used by women who have at least the potential to channel and has absolutely no effect on women that can not channel. It usually comes in the form of a silvery metal collar linked by a chain to a bracelet. The collar is put around the neck of the woman that must be controlled, while the bracelet is worn by the woman who is in control. The level of control one has over their leashed channeler is extreme and ensures complete submission from the leashed ones. Though the time and effort needed to tame a damane may vary from woman to woman. Just like is the case with wild animals.

Check out the Damane Training page for the various abilities the ter'angreal provides a Sul'dam to control their damane.

If a man who can channel is linked to a woman by an a'dam, the result is usually an excruciating death for both. Simply touching an a'dam can result in pain for a man who can channel when the a'dam is worn by a woman who can channel.


Those with the ability to channel inborn become damane and are immediately leashed and put into service. They are completely written out of all family records and from the citizen rolls, for to be damane is to be less than human. Becoming valued slaves, the damane are seldom killed, even for infractions that would result in death for any lesser slave.. They are sometimes horribly mutilated for punishment, as it is possible to channel without hands, feet or tongue. This is very rare though, for the Sul'dam are very skilled in breaking in any damane and have them surrender to their new life and the leash. Check out the Damane Training page for more information on this.
Damane are used in different areas of the Seanchan society.


Young women who show the ability to use the a'dam but who cannot channel are made Sul'dam, or 'leashholder', and honored for their abilities, often gaining prestige for their families as well. They are trained in the care and handling of damane in much the same way a huntsman is trained to control his hounds, save that the link is far more personal. Sul'dams have many different methods of training a damane.

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