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The Seanchan military is quite extensive, as you might expect. The Empire has a vast ground, air and navy force at her disposal, all of which belongs to the Imperial Personage.
Unique and specific to the Seanchan military is the use of exotics.

The military has it's standard rank and division structure going from soldier to general and intermingles between the three sections of the army: ground, air and navy.
In addition to that, there are also the handlers of the exotics, which go by their own rank names and exist in parallel to the traditional military ranks. These have been merged into the ranks, indicating their standing in the whole of the military body of the Empire. To the Seanchan it all makes perfect sense, though any outlander may find themselves completely lost trying to figure out the hierarchy. The level of deference can be both simple and extremely complex, as it is fused and intertwined with the social layers of the Seanchan society and can vary depending on situational circumstances. It takes a Seanchan to fully understand all it's complexities.

Below is a basic outline of the Seanchan Military Hierarchy.
Basic, because it can become rather tricky keeping up with it, given the Seanchan's tendency to mix and mingle between social and military ranks and classes. So it can become a bit of a tangle. But this should give at least a basic point of reference.

      Important Note

      Many of the  below mentioned titles/ranks/responsibilities are not from the books and may need to be adjusted at some point.
      Wherever possible we've used the information from the books and filled in the gaps in, what we hope, a more or less logical manner.
      If you come across any information that might improve the below outline, please don't hesitate to post it on the Freelanders Board.
      Thank you!

Keep in mind the social class and ranks (as well as the social standing of the various exotic handlers) as they play an important role in determining the standing of any given person among their peers. For instance: while a Sul'dam has to obey the commands of a Banner-General during battle, she socially ranks at approximately the level of a Lieutenant-General. A Banner-General will use her, but he'll be polite in his interactions with her.



Heir to the Throne (Daughter of the Nine Moons*)

Commander of the Forerunners* - Commander of the Return* (High Blood)

Captain-General* (High Blood)

* titles provided by the books





Captain of the Air (Low Blood)*
commands all the flyers





Captain of the Sky

 in charge of a flock = 10 nests

Wing Captain
commands a nest = 5 (To')Raken




Captain of the Gold (Low Blood)*
commands the entire fleet and commands the flag ship carrying the Royal Blood.

Captain of the Silver (Low Blood)
commands a large vessel, or flag ship (maximum 300 crew) and has authority over the Blue and Green

Captain of the Blue (Low Blood)
commands a medium vessel (maximum 150 crew)

Captain of the Green (Low Blood)*
commands a small vessel (maximum 50 crew)

Ship Master/Mistress

2nd in command on a ship. Rank among the XO's is determined by what ship they serve on. In charge of navigation and ship's personnel



Lieutenant-General (Low Blood)*
in charge of small to medium sized campaigns  




In charge of up to five banners
can be assigned to command small campaigns

2nd in command to the Banner-General.
Passes the orders to the troops on the field.

(blue-green-and-yellow striped armor, small crest like a bronze arrowhead at the front of the helmet)
In charge of a banner = 5 companies = 500 soldiers


 primary flyer in a duo flight



secondary flyer in a duo flight 


Flyer in training


Battle Leader
3rd in command, responsible for all weapons on board.



collective name for various positions on board. Cooks, carpenters, look-outs, etc.


 Sailor in training. Does all the menial jobs on board while learning the skills needed as a sailor.


In charge of a company = 10 units = 100 soldiers

Task Leader
In charge of a (task) unit (10 soldiers)

trained ground troop of various experience


Soldier in training


the collective name for them is 'Fists of Heaven'*

 suicide assassins that are only used in extremely special circumstances. Only the Imperial Personage can send them on a mission and She will do so personally.
These are the highest elite forces of the Empire, due to the enormous sacrifice they provide. They use a ter'angreal ring that, once activated with a drop of their blood, gives them special skills but also slowly poisons them in a matter of days. Once activated, there is no way back. Death is certain.

Deathwatch Guard*
While the Ogier members are not property, the human members are the personal property of the Imperial Personage and serve in a variety of ways.
From re-enforcing military campaigns to policing the streets or being assigned as personal bodyguards to a member of the Royal Family or being loaned to a favorite noble, the Guards do it all and do it well.


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