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The Seanchan culture is as complex as it is intriguing. Born from a mix between the existing cultures on the Seanchan homelands and the imported culture and beliefs by Luthar Paendrag and his conquering forces.

For outlanders it is often difficult to understand the many layers and complexities that make up the Seanchan culture and many only ever manage to grasp but a fraction of it. Enough to get by without getting killed but too little not to get in trouble from time to time.

In the subsections an attempt is made to outline the most important parts of the culture, though it is by no means complete.

We welcome any additional resource material that may be had and will do our best to update the sections as new information becomes available.

Please note, however, that sometimes elements are added/changed slightly for the sole purpose of making roleplaying more practical. The information in this site is the one that will be used in any RP's regarding the Seanchan Guild on Dragonmount.

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