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"A ship is alive... treat him well and care for him properly and he will fight for you against the worst sea." ~ Sea Folk saying

To the Atha'an Miere, a ship is a living spirit, gifted with a man's heart and a man's courage. Thee ships are as much a part of the Sea Folk family as any human. The new crew themselves oversee the construction of their ship, doing most of the skilled labor themselves. The result is that every ship leaving the Atha'an Miere shipyards has been lovingly made, from the laying of the keel to the final rigging and caulking, by the very folk that will sail him.

Atha'an Miere Ships are far superior to any other oceangoing vessels in both speed and manageability and are key to the Atha'an Miere's unquestioned dominance of the sea trade. Spared the ravages of both the Trolloc Wars and the War of the Hundred Years, they were able to develop their seafaring technology undisturbed. Now, that technology, coupled with the paralyzing conservatism of the mainlanders, maintains their edge.

The main Atha'an Miere vessels are:

This is the most prestigious of all the Sea Folk vessels. They are the largest, most graceful and fastest ships, and commanding one is a mark of high honour and recognition of high skill indeed. It carries three square-rigged masts.

The second-fasted of the Sea Folk ships. This is also three-masted; the same as the Raker, but it is broader in the beam and a little heavier. It is still faster than most mainland ships.

The Soarer is a two-masted vessel and is smaller than both the Raker and the Skimmer. However, it is usually faster and more agile than a Skimmer.

The smallest of the Sea Folk vessels. These only have one or two masts and are consequently not as fast or agile as any of the other ships.

Anything smaller than a Darter is considered a boat, not a Ship.



The ships vary in their rigging.

High-rigged means that the major sails on every mast are square sails.

Half-rigged means that at least one, but not all, masts carry no major square sails, but rather gaff sails.

Low-rigged means that all masts carry gaff sails as the major, or only, sails.


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