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Role Play Information

The way to progress your Seafolk character through the ranks is done by doing specific RP's for each rank.
If you have bio'd your character into a certain rank, it will be assumed In Character that he/she went through the ranks as if you have RP'd them and this must reflect in the bio.
check the biography guidelines for information on how far up the ranks you can bio your character.

In Character:

The crew’s promotion is decided upon by the Sailmistress of the Ship who will make her decision based on two things:
                - has the crew member reached the level of experience required for the promotion?
                - the service record of the crew member on board Ship.

Out of Character:

All progress must be reported on the Training Grounds and validated by the FL Staff before you can RP your character in their new rank.
Characters can be promoted without approval from the FL Staff up to the rank of regular Da d'ma Miere.
To get promoted to Master or one of the Leadership positions, you need FL Staff approval on top of the required RP's. There are a limited number of leadership positions available. Do not let this discourage you, however. It is always a good idea to let the FL Staff know of your ambitions for your characters. If you fulfill the requirements, they may contact you whenever a position becomes available.

Weapon Score progress:

The Atha'an Miere follow the general WS System to raise their WS. However, there are conditions to be met for each rank. See 'non-leadership ranks' and 'leadership ranks'. To report your character's progress in their WS post a thread on that character's thread with your current WS and a link to the RP thread(s) to claim your points. Once your claim is verified, your character's record will be updated and you can then start RPing them with their new weapon score.

One Power Scores and Progress:

Channeling Seafolk will undergo training under existing Windfinders which will get them raised both in rank and in their One Power Skills. See 'non-leadership ranks' and 'leadership ranks' for more information on how to increase your channeler's OP Skills. To claim your character's increased skill, add her current OP skill level to your report the TS will adjust her records accordingly.

Claiming your rank progression points:

Each Seafolk character will get it's own personal thread in the Training Grounds boards at the Freelanders. In that board, you can report all the progress related RP's for that specific character. To do so, copy/paste the format that you find for each rank into a new post in that thread and update as you go along. When you have finished the required conditions, post a note in that thread saying so. One of the FL Training Staff will check your RP's and update your character's records. Then it will be announced on the Freelanders board that your character has been promoted to the next rank. From that moment on you can RP your character in their new rank.

Example of a progress report: The parts in red need to be updated with your own RP situation.
notice that the below example is a direct copy of the formats that you can find on the pages 'non-leadership ranks' and 'leadership ranks'.


1. Deckhand

Reflection: (…/5 posts or 1000 words solo RP – to do/ongoing/complete – link)
--> RP about your life as a Deckhand, hopes, dreams, ambitions, difficulties, etc.
Punishment: (…/5 posts or 1000 words solo RP – to do/ongoing/complete – link)
-->your character messes up (free to chose what) and gets punished for it.
To serve: (…/5 posts – to do/ongoing/complete – link)
--> RP out a situation in which your character is called upon to serve. This can be whatever you like: serving dinner at the messhall, serving tea for visitors, cleaning the decks, dishwashing, etc.

Note: Deckhands are not allowed off board except at homedock in Tremalking.


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