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At the Breaking of the World, when their ancestors fled the heaving land for the safety of the sea, the Atha'an Miere knew nothing of the ships they took, or of the seas on which they drifted, only that no land-bound place was safe. Over the course of many years they learned the ways of storm and tide, and became as one with their vessels.

Being the masters of the seas, the Atha'an Miere developed an economy based on trading goods between the islands and the mainland and even to the mysterious and dangerous Shara country far to the east of the Aiel Waste. Their skills with bargaining have become legendary and the formal seriousness of their trade agreements often leaves one blinking in surprise. Trade is their main source of income and therefore one of the most important aspects of the Atha'an Miere people.

They are a secretive people, allowing no one to visit their islands, though they are not nearly as brutal as the people from Shara. Information about these exotic beings is gradually surfacing as events unfold in the world, now that the Dragon has been Reborn and the time of the Last Battle approaches. For the Atha'an Miere too have their own prophecy concerning these events.

The Jendai Prophecy, first spoken during those early years, held that the People of the Sea were fated to wander the waters until the Coramoor should return. They shall serve him and he shall give them dominance over all the waters.

For indeed, their true kingdom are the vast reaches of the open seas.

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