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With brightly colored tattoos upon their hands, some of which denote clan, equally brilliant sashes on their waists, gold and silver jewelry and a distinct style of dress, the Atha'an Miere are as exotic in appearance as they are mysterious. Throughout the known world, tales relate the almost irresistible allure of the Sea Folk women, the epitome of beauty and temptation. The deep chocolate coloration of their skin and their unequaled grace, born of years balancing on wind-lashed rigging on the high seas, contribute to their allure. The well-muscled, clean-shaven and bare-chested men are also considered dangerously handsome.

Clothing and jewelry

Men and women both wear baggy breeches held at the waist by brightly colored sashes, multiple earrings, neck chains and bracelets. They both walk around bare footed. The quality of the breeches and scarfs is directly related to the status and financial status of the wearer. The men go bare-chested at all times.

The women also wear brightly colored, loose-fitting blouses, but only while in port. Once a ship is beyond the sight of land, the women also go bare-chested. A thing that only enhances the legends spread about the Sea Folk people on the mainlands. Women often wear a ring in the left side of their nose. Those of rank wear a fine chain, hung with medallions, connecting the nose ring with one of the earrings. The quantity of the medallions is directly related to rank, with high-ranking women wearing more medallions than those of lower rank. Men do not wear nose chains or nose rings. Medallions can also be earned through successful service to the ship, clan or the Atha'an Miere in general.

Recognizing those of rank

The number of medallions and their nature are a clear indication of a person's rank, on top of their accomplishments. Those women in command will always wear a nose-to-ear chain with medallions denoting their clan, sept and rank.

A Sailmistress will have quite a number of medallions but still with quite a bit of space between them, while her Windfinder will have fewer but still more than any regular crew member.

The Wavemistress will have a chain so full of medallions that they almost touch each other all the way from nose to ear. Aside from this, she is also recognized by a two-tiered red parasol, fringed in gold, that her attendants carry.

The Mistress of the ships has a nose chain that is so thick with medallions that they overlaps each other and a three-tiered blue parasol trimmed in gold fringe.
The Master of the Blades has a two-tiered parasol in the same colors.

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