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Biography rules:

pin01c.gif make sure to check out the links, they hold vital information for your bio writing!

  • You can bio your character up to the rank of Da d'ma Miere but not into a master position. read more here
  • The bio must be of a decent size. Check the other Sea Folk bios for reference
  • The bio must reflect your character's past: both before they joined a ship and the time spent on the ship moving through the ranks to the position you wish to start RPing with. The higher up the ranks you decide to start your RPing, the bigger the bio should be to include the added years in the previous rank(s).
  • take advantage of the information given in the General Info section to create your bio.
  • The Bio Checkers may require adjustments made to your character's bio. Work with them and you'll soon be approved and ready to go.
  • You can not give your character a weapon or one power score. This will be done by the Bio Checkers based on the bio you have written and the conditions of the Guild. Check the Progression System for more information on this.

Submitting your character's Biography:

Write your biography using the following form and then email it to:
In the subject of your email you put: SEA FOLK bio: name character

Submission Form

Player Info

DM Handle:
Owner of Sea Folk members:
(name of Sea Folk characters you already own and their status active/inactive/dormant/killed/etc)

Character Info

Full name:
(character's age at the time of the main timeline.)
(Tremalking or Dashar - pick one)
Rank: (deckhand, rawhand, waterhand or Da d'ma Miere - pick one)

Physical appearance:
Physical weakness:
Physical strength:

Personality weakness:
Personality strength:

Special: (here you can put any special skills, talents, etc you wish your character to have. Be aware that this is subject to FL Staff approval, but wherever possible we will try to accommodate you. This will highly depend on the level of probability of your choice, both for your character and for the PSW Kin)




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