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An Ogier's first and greatest love, and consequently skill, is for all things that grow such as plants and trees. A special Talent, unique to Ogier, is that of Tree Singing. This talent was rare even during the Age of Legends and has only become rarer since then. It is the art of making items out of wood by singing to the living wood, making it grow in the desired form without damaging the parent root. Items made in such a way are known as Sung Wood. They are very valuable and highly appreciated by Ogier and human alike. At least those humans that recognize the item for what it is, an ability which has become rarer with every generation.

The Ogierís second greatest love lies in knowledge. Books and records are treated with the utmost respect and care and they love to learn about history and everything they can get their hands on. Many will try to add to the Ogier library and knowledge source over the course of their lives, which for them is one of the most fun things to do. Apart from working with trees and plants, that is. You will be hard pressed to find an Ogier without at least one book or scroll in their pouch, tucked away in their long dress or coat.

During the Long Exile, Ogier have taken up a role as stonemasons, creating buildings and sometimes whole cities for humans. Though they themselves consider their work as stonemasons to be far beneath their work with trees and plants, this is the part for which Ogier are most known among humans, even today. Because of their love for all living things, Ogier-made buildings have a decidedly organic structure to them and are of such extreme beauty that the buildings seem to be alive. Every major city boasts about her Ogier structures, even if most of her citizens have started to believe Ogier to be nothing more than fantasy. In fact, in some countries people will easily mistake an Ogier for a Trolloc and be hard to convince otherwise. An occurrence that highly irritates the peace loving giants, with lots of bristling and quivering of ear tufts as a result.

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