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Most Ogiers spend their lives tending the trees and plants within their Stedding, but some also take on other roles within the Ogier society.
It should be mentioned that Ogier, as a whole, strive for harmony and peace and do not easily turn to rebellion. While it is possible that they may dispute ideas or notions given by those above them, the very notion of showing those higher ups anything other than utmost respect does not even enter their thought pattern. Humans may find it odd and even amusing how Ogier consider the most gentle of reprimands as painful, but to an Ogier it is highly embarrassing that others have to point out how 'rude' they're being. More often than not, an Ogier's own sense of what's right (in an Ogier's mind, at least) will stop an argument before it even happens.

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Council Elders

The Council Elders are entrusted with the decisions concerning the lives of all the Ogiers within their Stedding. They receive visitors, decide on trade and services to the outside world and deliberate with Council Elders of other Stedding on the direction the Ogier nation will take as a whole. The Elders, as they are commonly known, enjoy a great deal of respect and authority within the Ogier society and can be considered the leaders of their people. There are both male and female Council Elders.

The Head of the Council presides over the Council Elders and is almost always a woman.


Speakers are highly skilled communicators among the Ogier people who Speak at the Great Stump in front of the entire Ogier population of the Stedding (and any visiting Ogier). Often, a Speaker is also a member of the Council of Elders, but that is not a condition. Any adult Ogier may speak at the Great Stump, though most will leave this task to those among them everyone knows and respects for their talent in holding a crowd's attention and sway an opponent's point of view to their side. High skilled Speakers earn a great deal of respect from their people and enjoy a high status among the Ogier.

Tree Singers

The art of Tree Singing has always been rather rare and more so today. Tree Singers are those rare Ogier that have the ability to grow items out of living wood without damaging the parent root. They are highly sought after by both Ogier and humans (those few who know of the art still existing, that is) though the talent has greatly diminished since the Breaking of the World. Tree Singers today barely manage to perform but a trickle of what was once possible during the Age of Legends. The level of skill and talent in this art also varies greatly from one Tree Singer to another.


While Ogier themselves value their skills with stone far less than their work with plants and trees, for humans there is nothing more beautiful than an Ogier built construction. In the past, whole cities were built by Ogier Stonemasons (such as Tar Valon) and other cities proudly boast their Ogier built structures whenever they can. While the Ogier don't need much in the form of financial wealth, this art has provided them with a decent income to provide in whatever needs they may have. Ogier buildings are notoriously sturdy and long lasting, but it happens that repairs are needed and that is the bulk of the Stonemasons' work today. They answer to the call of those cities or individuals that require their service. It is said, that when left to make their own decision about the structure and construction of the building, an Ogier building looks as though it were alive and surpasses everything else in beauty and grace.


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