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The way in which the Ogier determine rank is not very clear to anyone other than Ogier themselves and it is quite complex in its simplicity. For the most part, it is based on a highly developed sense of respect for skill, tradition and wisdom.

The only body of government the Ogier have is that of the Council of Elders, which holds public meetings within and between Stedding. The Elders preside, but any adult Ogier may speak before the Great Stump. Age is another determining factor in the level of authority Ogier have but more than age is their skill in speaking at the Great Stump. Ogier that master the art of addressing a crowd gain a great deal of respect (and therefore authority) from other Ogier. The level in which they manage to captivate their audience, convey their point of view and convince opponents of their side of the story all determine how good (or bad) a Speaker is.

The Ogier are mostly a matriarchal society, where mothers and wives have more authority than husbands. For example, a male Ogier may go to work one day a bachelor and come back to find himself a groom tomorrow without any say in the matter, for marriage between Ogiers are arranged between the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride, with the bride needing to consent to the marriage but the groom having no say in the arrangement. Once married, the wife of the newly wed male gains authority over her husband above the male’s mother, who must relinquish her authority over her son to his new bride.

The Head of the Council is also almost always a woman.

Youngsters among the Ogier

Ogier use a system of apprenticeship to train younger Ogier in responsibility as well as work skills. These youngsters get the more menial jobs while training for greater skills and responsibilities. Ogier believe that such labor builds character.

Even though Ogier live much longer than humans, they also take much longer to mature. Young Ogier are not allowed outside the Stedding unsupervised before their 100th year. Male Ogier always need permission from either their mother or their wife before leaving the Stedding.

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