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Ogier are the only known natural sentient non-human species in WOT-land and while they somewhat resembled humans, they are very different from them at the same time. They are much taller and have a sort of snoutlike face, with long tufted ears and bushy eyebrows. They also live about 3 to 4 times longer than humans, which accounts in part for their slow and deliberate manner and behavior. In their eyes, humans are much too hasty and impatient.

After the Breaking of the World, the Ogier found themselves wandering the lands looking for their lost Stedding which had been displaced due to the Breaking. This period is called the Long Exile and it is during this time that the Ogier became sensitive to the condition known as the Longing. This condition causes any Ogier to weaken and eventually die if they do not return to a Stedding in time. It is believed that this is due to the special nature of the Stedding, which the Ogier sorely missed during the Exile.

Since they have resettled the Stedding, Ogier have kept mostly to themselves. Avoiding human populated areas as much as possible and only venturing out to repair Ogier structures if necessary. Due to the vast superiority of those structures, however, the need for repairs occurs only sporadically and almost never more than once in a humanís lifetime. Because of this reclusive nature, most humans have come to believe the Ogier being nothing more than fantasy and they have stopped believing they exist. Indeed, it is not uncommon for humans to mistake an Ogier for a Trolloc, a fact the peace loving Ogier do not find very amusing at all. Bristling eartufts showing their annoyance at the mere thought of it.

The Stedding have a peculiar characteristic, in that the One Power is totally useless within their boundaries. More even, channelers can not sense the Source at all and any attempt to use the One Power on a Stedding from outside will have no effect on the Stedding whatsoever. The very air in the Stedding feels different, fresher and more peaceful than any place outside it. Most shiver in surprise upon entering its influence.

For those that are truly dedicated to the Dark, the Stedding feel extremely unwelcoming and uncomfortable. Trollocs will not enter a Stedding unless being forced to it by a Myrdraal and Myrdraal will not do so except at great need and then with the greatest reluctance.

Even the Aiel have a pact with the Ogier which amounts to the same as the Peace of Rhuidean, meaning that they will not fight within the boundaries of a Stedding.

All of this makes a Stedding one of the truly safe places to be in of all the lands.

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