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Communication is essential among the Kin. They are being led from the farm at Ebou Dar, which means that most of their communication originates from that location. Pigeons are sent to the thirteen main farms, and from there on pigeons are sent to the other circles.

The communication system of the Kin is called The Thread. People involved in the communication are called the pieces of the thread.

The system is about as elaborate as the Eyes and Ears system the White Tower has, even if is not used for the same purpose. None of the farms the Kin use are closer than a days ride from main roads and towns Aes Sedai might visit. There are people loyal to the Kin living in those locations though, sending warnings to the farms when Aes Sedai come close, or when a reject or runaway from the White Tower comes their way.

The coded messages often have something to do with either knitting and threads, or birds.

No member of the Kin travels a main road without first consulting the Thread to see if the road is clear from all danger.

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