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Rank within the Kin is based on age. Because of this, there are some specific rules concerning your Kin character's age, which you can find in the 'Age system' section of this site.

We recommend that you read these pages through, but you can also find a graphic representation of the structure of the Kin at the 'Kin Hierarchy' section on this site.

In the PSW, the role a Kin character can take on is not only decided on age but also on activity, commitment and dedication. The more significant the role, the higher the impact your character will have on the entire Guild, so a certain level of dependability is required.

We distinguish 3 elements in the Kin structure: Rank, Roles and Leadership


Rank indicates your Kin character's level of seniority within the Kin Guild as a whole. While members from the same rank will further place themselves based on their individual ages, when it comes to the entirety of the Guild the rank each one holds supercedes the age based authority. So even if a Kin Member is older than an Area Circle Member, the Area Circle Member holds more authority than the regular Kin Member.

There are 5 ranks within the Kin:

  1. Potential
  2. Kin Member
  3. Area Circle Member
  4. Knitting Circle Member
  5. Eldest

Check out the 'Rank' section of the site for detailed information on each rank.


Kin members usually have a number of different roles in the course of their very long lives. Some will choose to take on a rather mundane lifestyle such as shop keeper, innkeeper or other unobtrusive careers, while others may choose to take on more specific roles. These specific roles require special skills, talents and attitude, because they often mean a higher level of risk to the Kin as a whole. And, as you know, risk is one thing the Kin are extremely careful with so not to endanger their secret existence.

Because of this risk, those roles can only be filled in under specific conditions.

There are 5 specific roles within the Kin:
In ascending order of risk factor

  1. Potential Trainers
  2. Mistress of The Retreat
  3. Wise Woman or Wisdom
  4. Search & Rescue Kin
  5. White Tower Liaison Officers

All specific roles need to be approved by FL Staff, who will check if the necessary conditions have been fulfilled.

Check out the 'Roles' section of the site for detailed information on each role.


There are 3 levels of leadership within the Kin: Area Circle, Knitting Circle and the Eldest

  1. Area Circle
  2. Knitting Circle
  3. Eldest

In the PSW there are very specific conditions before a Kin character can take on a leadership position.
All leadership positions are assigned by the FL Staff, who will check to see if the necessary conditions have been fulfilled.

Check out the 'Leadership' section of the site for detailed information on each leadership position as well as on the specific division in Areas and Regions.

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