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In this section of the site you find the practical information on how to progress your Kin in the various aspects of a Kin character's life.

Ranks PS: explains how to move from rank to rank + how to obtain a Leadership position within the Kin Guild.

Roles PS: explains how  you can achieve specific roles for your Kin character.

One Power Skill PS: explains how to increase your Kin's OP skill


Reporting your Kin's progress

Every step forward your Kin makes needs to be reported to the Training Staff on the Training Ground Board (= subboard under the Freelander board at DM).
Before you can start RPing in your new position or with your new skill, the Training Staff needs to validate your claim.

The Training Staff will:

  • check your claim to see if all conditions are met to proceed to the aspiring new position
  • (if positive) validate your new position on your Kin's personal progression thread on the Training Ground
  • have your Kin's progression added to your personal record at the FL admin level
  • when necessary, arrange for announcements and/or adjusting the Kin information to include your character's new position 

How to report

Every character gets a personal record thread at the Training Ground. This thread will be used to report any progress that specific character makes.

The thread title will read: KIN - name character - rank/role character (Owner DM Handle)

To claim your progression points you need to report in your character's thread by posting the following:

Rank/Role/OP Skill progression (choose one)

Aspiring Rank/Role/OP Skill: (fill in what you hope to achieve)


  • required RP 1: (to do/ongoing/done - link to RP thread)
  • required RP 2: (to do/ongoing/done - link to RP thread)
  • etc...

Other requirements: (fill this in depending on the Rank / Role you are working towards)

  • req 1:
  • req 2:
  • req 3:
  • etc


A member of the Training Staff will check up on your claims and update your character's records accordingly.

    pin01c.gif You can only RP your Kin in her new position or with her new skill AFTER your claim has been validated by a TS member on her personal record thread.

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