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Rank among the Kin is established by age. The thirteen oldest of The Kin (who are interested leading The Kin) reside within the city of Ebou Dar, Altara & are referred to as the Knitting Circle. These thirteen lead all the Kin all around the globe. Every member of the Knitting Circle is responsible for the Kin in a given Region. If a member of the Knitting Circle dies, the older member from the Region she was responsible for replaces her. The oldest member of the Knitting Circle is known as The Eldest. It is possible that, while the oldest member of the Knitting Circle is its leader, that there are older members of the Kin in other in other locations who simply do not wish to participate in the groupís daily operations & leadership and so have declined seats in the Knitting Circle.

There are lesser circles, also consisting of 13 women in each, who have control over certain areas within a given region and report regularly to their Knitting Circle representative about important/regional issues. In the case of an emergency, the Kin of a given area send word to the eldest among them in the Region. This woman will then communicate with all the circles in her region spreading the information as necessary via The Thread.



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