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Kin members can channel and this is the single most important reason behind their very strict secrecy policy. Throughout history, any organisation (no matter how small or big) that was built upon it's members being able to channel has been knocked down by the White Tower quite severely and publicly. The secrecy of the Kin and avoiding notice by the White Tower is the Kin's highest rule, which they enforce on their members in the strictest way possible. As a result of this policy, the Kin learn to be extremely circumspect about their channeling abilities at all times. Leaving the use of the One Power to the absolute last possible option and instead using more mundane means wherever possible. The safety of the Kin goes above everything else, even a Kin member's own life. Transgressions are dealt with swiftly and severely, in some ways harsher than anything the White Tower would deal out.

But, once a person learns to channel or has the spark manifest itself there is no way to stop it and channeling becomes a part of that person's life. The White Tower knows, and accepts, the existence of wilders. Wilders are women who have the ability to channel but where never taught by the White Tower. The Aes Sedai look somewhat disdainfully upon these and they use the word wilder in a rather condescending or insulting manner. Turnouts are also known by the Sisters. Novices or Accepted that have either failed their tests or were considered not suitable to become Aes Sedai. So the White Tower knows that there are women out in the world that channel without being initiates of the White Tower. While this is accepted, these women are expected to be extremely circumspect about what they do with their channeling abilities. Any abuse that is noticed by the White Tower is dealt with immediately and quite painfully.

The attitude of the White Tower towards non-initiates channeling is therefore both a threat as well as a blessing. For the acceptance of non-initiate channelers makes it possible for the Kin to exist at all. Even though it does impose a very strict policy of how the One Power is to be used.

All this secrecy and precaution has, of course, it's influence on the Kin's abilities with the One Power. Restricted both by the need of secrecy and by the lack of education, the Kin are limited in the use of and their skill with the One Power, which has a big impact on your character's development within the Portal Stone World.

Check out the 'how it works' section to learn about the consequences for your character in the PSW Kin RP Guild.

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