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The Kin are widely spread over all the countries in the mainland. At the time this document was written the Kin number 3283 members who are of varying strengths from barely able to make a ball of light to those who are fully capable and dangerous Channelers. These women are spread over 13 countries. Often the main circle of a country resides on a location similar to the farm near Ebou Dar. The countries where the Kin may be found are:

Altara, Amadicia**, Andor, Illian, Kandor, Murandy, Arad Doman, Arafel, Cairhien, Ghealdan, Saldaea, Shienar, Tarabon, Tear

    **The Kin of Amadicia do not have a single safe house but instead travel around in merchant caravans searching for others of their kind to send out of the country to a safe house elsewhere. This country has no rep within the Knitting Circle due to how few Kin are there.

Some of the regions are less populated with Kin than others. Tairen Kin has to be wary of detection at all times, while Andoran Kin is relatively free to channel if they wish, with only the White Tower to be wary of. There are Kin roaming through Amadicia but due to the ever-present Children of the Light, they are always on the move. These brave souls pretend to be merchants and their ilk, always searching for young girls who have the spark hoping to find them before the Whitecloaks do.

A member of the Kin may live her entire life without knowing that there are other circles in existence. The leaders of the minor circles are very close mouthed even to those close to them, knowing that the less some people know, the less they can betray to those who would seek to harm the Kin.

Safe Houses and Retreats

The Kin have many safe houses all over the mainland. No location of Kin holds fewer than 13 channelling women at any given time. The main location of the Knitting Circle is a farm, which is located several miles northeast of Ebou Darís city limits. To the rest of the world this location is known as The Retreat, a place for women to visit who have experienced high amounts of stress and need a more peaceful atmosphere and (occasionally) for young women who have been hounded by too many suitors (ironically much as the Tower itself does). In truth The Retreat serves as a cover for the Kin coming and going from Ebou Dar when dealing with The Knitting Circle. Much like the White Tower does with its rebellious members, when a member of the Kin breaks a rule, she is sent to do penance (farm work) at The Retreat.

Andor - There is a farm located on the edges of the Braem wood, two hundred miles north of Caemlyn, and a days ride from the main road between Tar Valon and Caemlyn. From that farm onwards in the eastern direction, towards the River Erinin and the border of Cairhien, members of the Kin, as well as their relatives also inhabit several smaller farmsteads. This is often one of the first places that young Tower runaways find themselves taken in at.


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