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As one would expect from a society that needs to stay hidden, the disciplinary system is stricter than that of the White Tower. The Kinís very survival depends on how well its members avoid detection. Any abuse of the One Power will result in stilling, and the Kin member will go into exile at one of the Ďretreatsí to serve a twofold purpose: to remind other Kin members of the penalty of inappropriate actions, and to look after those that need to escape the world for a while. The Circle Leader will decide the level of infringement of Kin Law that merits stilling. Examples include: bonding someone against their will and killing or irreversibly maiming someone with the One Power except in self-defence.

Up until a hundred years ago Kin members were not allowed to marry. Some of the older members still refuse to marry on the grounds of tradition and the belief that it interferes with the Kinís work, but younger members now, at least, have the choice. A married Kin member would have to explain her absences and actions in such a way her husband would not find out and relationships with that level of distrust are usually turbulent. Some work, however. It is down to individual cases.

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