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Ever since the Breaking, there have been hidden groups of women that could channel that did not reside in the White Tower.

The Kin was created to provide sanctuary for such women. Runaways, those put out of the Tower for whatever reason, and wilders that somehow missed the system all eventually find their way towards the Kin. Their headquarters in Ebou Dar and the Knitting Circle will find new lives for them, away from the eyes of Tar Valon.

In fact, the White Tower is aware of the Kin. After the War of a Hundred Years, it gave the Kin the privacy and space to develop into what it is now; a safe haven for those women that the White Tower could not help. They are the Kin, because of their shared kinship of the One Power. Guided by the Eldest and the Knitting Circle, all female channelers that do not want to be detected by the Tower live hidden lives, protecting and teaching each other that they may continue that freedom.

Naturally, as with any governing body, there will be clashes of opinion and heated debates. Some remain conservative, holding to the views of the past and that they should remain hidden. They believe detection by the White Tower would lead to the destruction of the Kin. Others are more liberal, believing that they have to move with the times and that channelling should be outwardly used for the greater good, employing Kin members as Wisdoms and Wise Women across the continent. And then there are the militants, that would see a much more active involvement from the Kin in both world politics and battles alike.

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