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Characters increase their weapon and fighting skills through practice, training and by getting into situations that require them to use their already learned skills.

The twenty point system is our way of achieving this. Someone who has a weapon score of 2 or 3 may have gotten in the odd fist fight, someone of 6 would be a soldier who gets a bit of training here and there in, 13 is a new Blademaster and 20 is godlike. The points are a reflection of weapon skill as opposed to how dangerous a person really is though.

This is important in particular due to the situation. For example, if a trolloc with a weapon score of 5 swings their axe at a Shienaran with a weapon score of seven, if that man tries to catch the blow on their blade rather than duck or dance away from it, chances are they are going to have an axe lodged in their side due to the trolloc’s sheer strength. Likewise, you can be of weapon score 12 and someone could be of 6 but if they’ve got a crossbow aimed at you and can generally hit the target, chances are you’re dead.

So, while the points are important, its also important to take story and situation into account. Just because your character has one or two more points over another person
doesn’t necessarily mean you must win. Story is more important, the scores are meant to act more as guides rather than gospels.

Tier 1 - Unskilled

1. You’re comfortable with using a knife to cut some cheese or a side of beef.

2. A character at this level is most likely an extra at a bar brawl rolling about and wrestling in the background.

3. You go to the odd tourney held by a few villages here and there and while you aren’t exactly county champion, you can get a respectable placing.

4. You have a bit of experience fighting now, maybe you’re a standover man in Foregate or you’ve started hiring yourself out as mercanery.

5. With a bit more work could be accepted into an army or a decent mercanery company.

Tier 2 - Soldiers

6. You’ve received sort of formal training or at least picked it up on the road along the way.

7. Someone who knows what they’re doing has shown you what to do and you’ve picked up some sword forms perhaps, or you’ve learned it all the hard way.

8. You’re a veteran at this point, maybe you’ve had the luxury of instruction in a professional military force or you’ve picked it all up over a period of time.

9. Seen a good deal of combat, someone has definitely shown you a few of the finer points of fighting by this stage and its all held you in good stead.

10. You’re on par with some of the finer soldiers that military companies such as the Queen’s Guard of Andor or the Tower Guard of Tar Valon have to offer.

Tier 3 - Elite

11. By this stage you’ve started to learn that there is more to fighting than hacking and slashing and you move differently as a result. Or you’re simply one of the best hack and       slashers out there.

12. Even the kings of hack and slash have developed a good deal of subtlety by now, you’re now beginning to approach the realm of the heron marked blademasters though you       have further to go before you could be deemed worthy.

         To achieve any higher WS you will need Staff Permission

13. Your skills are excellent and furthermore they have progressed to a point where you could be recognized as a Blademaster, though that may involve a little luck on the side.

14. Most people around this level are capable of being recognized as a Blademaster, they move with grace and confidence with both training and experience as their guides.

15. Even the most stringent and demanding would grant you the Heron mark, and if they weren’t willing to you could claim it in your own right rather convincingly.

Tier 4 - Unsurpassed

16. Not only are you recognized as being quite deadly, you must be training every single day to be maintaining skills of this level whether it be with a teacher or on your own.

17. You can take on small groups of soldiers singlehandedly and expect to get through without a mark (as long as you pick your moment).

18. Your skills are awe inspiring for people to watch, even fellow blademasters and fighters are going to be very envious if not scared of your skills. People of this level are often        recognized as grandmasters. In a battle, people would most likely be falling with every stroke of your sword.

19. You have very, very few peers. Those peers, like yourself, are possessed of almost inhuman skills honed from years of practice and experience.

20. You are one of the rare few who is truly a living weapon, on a battlefield your opponents should save you the trouble and run themselves through because if they come face        to face with you their life is forfeit.

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