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1. Group Staff

The members of the GS operate at the FL Group (Division) level, which covers all underlying Guilds as well as general Group matters. They are the Main Staff.

Group Staff members are not limited to any Guild. Their jurisdiction runs over all Guilds within their appointed field.

4 Group Staff Positions





Group Leader (Division Leader)



commonly referred to as GL or DL

Assistant Group Leader (Assistant Division Leader)



commonly referred to as AGL or ADL

Training Manager



new position

Bio Checker(s)


email for bio submissions


  • Group Leader (Division Leader)

The GL is the overall leader of the Freelanders Group (Div). As such she is a member of the PSW Staff and the general DM Staff. She reports directly to the RP Admin.
Her task is to make sure the Freelander Division is a fun and interesting RP environment within the boundaries set for the PSW by the RP Admins. She works closely together with the Group Leaders of other RP Groups and together they guard the quality and consistency of the overall RP experience at Dragonmount.

Within the Freelander Group, the GL's word is final. Nevertheless, she will always work closely together with her staff, to ensure the best possible solution for all parties involved. She balances the needs and wishes of her members with the demands for quality, realism and overall policies within the PSW environment.

As any experienced RPer will know, there is a lot of work involved in keeping an RP environment running smoothly. Much more than any one person can ever hope to tackle. Therefore, the GL appoints Staff members to help her with the daily operations of the Group.

  • Assistant Group Leader (Assistant Division Leader)

Second in Command, the AGL reports directly to the GL and is also a member of the PSW Staff, though not of the DM Staff.
Their task is to see to the daily operations of the Group and assist the GL in whatever way or form she needs. This includes both RP and non-RP activities, such as administration, report making, record keeping, information updating, recruiting, people management, etc.

They are able and capable of stepping into any position of the Group and Guilds when needed.

  • Training Manager

The Training Manager is a relatively new position within the FL Group. Because of the many different Guilds within the Group, there is a need for someone to overlook all the progression traffic and keep track of all the records needed for the different Guilds' members.

The TM is in charge of the daily operations of the Training Grounds and works closely together with the GL and the AGL. They are in charge of all the Trainers from the different Guilds and see to it that the progression system policies of each Guild and the overall Group are respected.

Whenever needed the TM steps in to fill in a Training need wherever it may occur. One of the privileges of being the TM is that they can play the NSW characters of the different Guilds for training purposes.

  • Bio Checkers

The Bio Checkers checks the submitted bios. Bet you never saw that one coming, did ya'?
These are people that have a good understanding of what a character biography should look like, they know the specific requirements for each Guild as well as the overall rules and conditions that must be met to approve a biography of any FL character. They will work with the member to make sure their bio is ok before posting the approved bio on the biography board at the PSW. There, the bio needs to be Cross Checked (CC'd) by a bio checker from one of the other Groups. This is to ensure the bio is indeed up to the quality standards and realism requirements within the overall PSW environment.

Bio Checkers are chosen because the GL trust their knowledge and insight in these matters and they are therefore authorized to require any changes made to your character's biography. Work with them and your RPing experience will be that much more enjoyable.

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