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arrow14_R.gif Freelander admins reserve the right to enforce the realistic consequences of your actions arrow14_L.gif


A very specific Freelander rule and one that is named after a very old member from around 2001-2. He used to play a giant of a character and wielded a massive sword which he used to simply cleave his way through combat. He fought quite frequently and was quite the berserker and would get himself into all sorts of situations where he would fight against all sorts of odds. Sometimes he would win. Sometimes.

Other times, including the moment where his character was killed, he would be clobbered or left short of dead for his trouble. He threw his characters into all sorts of situations expecting to win, yet if he was ever alerted to the fact that he couldn’t then he would be willing to take the realistic consequences of having taken that course of action. So, in his honour (because its a rare person who is willing to take it on the chin), we name this rule after him.

If a Freelander character is doing something wildly improbable… For example, attacking twenty armed soldiers unless there are very good reasons for why they should win (the twenty soldiers are wounded and ill, or a wall is collapsed on them first, etc), Freelander admins reserve the right to enforce the realistic consequences of your actions. In this case, your character would be stabbed repeatedly, or perhaps if you’re very lucky the character will just be beaten within an inch of their life and have to spend months with a wisdom healing where they may or may not regain full use of their limbs. As a player you’re trusted to do the right thing, but if you do not then the right thing can and most likely will be enforced.

So if you do something unrealistic, either do it incredibly well or be prepared for your character to face the consequences.


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