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They way the Aiel organize themselves can seem complex to outsiders, but it is fairly straight forward.

Clans and Septs

The Aiel are divided into clans. Each clan has a Clan Chief who rules over all the septs within the clan.

Each Clan has a number of septs. Smaller groups of Aiel who all belong to the same Clan but further distinguish themselves by being of the same sept. Much like one belonging to a city (sept) within a country (clan).

Only women can own land or houses in the Aiel culture, and the woman in charge of a hold or a roof is called a roofmistress. Depending on the status of her husband, she will be roofmistress of a house, a sept or a clan. Giving her more authority the higher up her husband is. While the Clan Chief decides which direction the clan will take, it is his wife who reigns supreme over the hold, the dwelling place of the Sept of the Clan Chief. She has the right to welcome or turn away anyone, even her own husband, from the hold. A hold can be compared to a town with several houses, which the Aiel call roofs. The other roofmistresses have a similar authority but then on a smaller scale, either over their sept or their house.

In the PSW there are only 2 clans: Clan Dragonmount and Clan Shaido and all Aiel of the same clan belong to the same sept.
 should there be an increase in steady active Aiel members, the FL Staff may decide to increase this number.


The warriors among the Aiel all belong to a Society, which overlaps Clan and Sept. This can sometimes be difficult to understand for outsiders, but to the Aiel it makes perfect sense. Society Brothers and Sisters will not betray their Society secrets to anyone, even their own families, except those that belong to that same Society. But their first and highest loyalty always remains with their Clan. The Societies are created centered around their primary skill or talent, though it must be said that most Aiel are highly skilled in all manners of battle. It is merely the parts they choose to focus on or those that they excel at that ends them up in one or another Society.

There are 12 Warrior Societies. To read more about them, click here

Wise Ones

As in most cultures, there are those Aiel who can channel and those who can be taught. Women with the spark are all found by the Wise Ones and trained to become a Wise One themselves, whether they want to or not. The Wise Ones have a great deal of influence with sept and clan chiefs and bear a great deal of responsibility too. Much of their work is unknown, except other Wise Ones, and even the Aiel themselves have little to no understanding of how much the Wise Ones do for the people. To learn more about them, click here


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